About us

SuperbKlean services specialize in providing our customers with a clean home, business, or office. We are an exceptional business who pride ourselves on providing the best humanly possible cleanliness for a fraction of the price.  Hassle-free cleaning has never been easier! In order to provide the best-possible clean home, we have staff with a minimum of three years’ experience. Our staff are reliable and armed with the latest and most effective tips and tricks and give you the superb results every-time. Not only that, our staff members are hand-picked and trained in the field of domestic, commercial, and office cleaning to meet our Customer Standard Policy and to ensure peace of mind and so that you receive what you bargained for. We offer our customers different methods of cleaning- depending on individual preferences. Therefore you can choose to home with either normal house cleaning products or eco- friendly cleaning. All our cleaners are police screened and insured. We are insured at $10 million and provide services to customers in the Brisbane region. After all, you deserve to treat yourself to a clean and healthy home.